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Featured Artist #23: Luke Mancini

Luke is professional illustrator from the USA who works for Blizzard.

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Leave by wlop


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Creature Set #5: Ivy!

Just because it’s her…

Artists from top to bottom:

| Stanely Lau | Stanley Lau | Carlos D’Anda | Rafael Gonzaga | Patrick Finch | Pedro Maia | Dandon Fuga | Joe Benitez | Chris M. | Logicfun |


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Olophant by Baetones


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Galaxy Saga Fanart by Reza Ilyasa


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Feature Artist #22: Nuttavit Baiphowongse 

Nuttavit is a creature designer from the USA who has been working for the cinema and TV in a series of projects. More on Nuttavit’s 3D designs and projects can be found on the webpages linked below.

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