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Header Artists Project

Dear Creature Artists,

Starting next month, we are going to choose Creature Headers made by our readers to be displayed here in CfD. The chosen header will be on the top of CfD for a whole month with the due credit to the artist and a link to her/his website.

If you are interested in participating, we are now receiving submissions for headers with size: 958 x 150 pixels

Just click on the normal ‘Submit’ link (or here) and submit your header, your name and a link to your site. Don’t forget to say that it is a ‘Header Submission’.

The header will appear where you see the current sample header and your name and link will be on the box below it in the right sidebar.

~ Creatures from Dreams

Sci-Fi Characters by Konstantin (Zoonoid)


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Done by YiLee


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Carriage by Ishutani


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Custom Creatures by Oukamiyoukai45


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Robot Sniper by zano


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