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Creature Set #4: Sphinx

Someone requested more Sphinx illustrations. Here they are. If you have a request as well, feel free to send me a note. ;)

Artists from top to bottom:

| Min Yum | Leo Li | James Ryman |  Wesley Burt | Alexander Smolyakov | Shannon AssociatesLucian Stanculescu | Pierre DroalLucian Stanculescu | Arman Akopian |


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Featured Artist #20: Christof Grobelski

The fantasy illustrations of the German artist Christof Grobelski are so beautifully rendered that the pictures seem to almost pop out of the screen. The 3D-ish effect and the shining texturing are the most remarkable features of his art.

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Daeonica by Myrmirada


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Creature Design  by Mike Corriero


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