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水元素 by LiQian


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Sly color by logicfun


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This is a fantasy artist that’s really inspired me recently—Jesper Ejsing.

Check out his book: Jarvis - The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Jesper Ejsing


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Babel 05 teaser 02 by duster132


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Legendary Visions by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias (Genzoman)

I have to confess that I have been collecting Genzoman’s illustrations of mythological creatures since I started this blog. This book has a lot of them beautifully bound together in one volume. This is what Amazon says about it:

The heroes, villains, and gods of legend and myth have captivated the imaginations of artists and audiences alike for millennia. These larger than life figures of folklore fascinate us all. Legendary Visions collects the breathtaking artwork of painter Gonzalo Ordonez Arias, also known as GENZOMAN! Inside you’ll find fantastic reimaginings of Egyptian pharaohs, Greek gods, Caribbean pirates, Japanese warriors, Celtic fairies, Arabian heroes, and more!


Check out more books in the CfD Library!

IMAGINE FX - LMS - # 100 by DanLuVisiArt

And here is Dan Luvisi’s Book: 

Last Man Stading: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter by  Dan Luvisi


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sentinel 2008/2012- by XRobinGoodFellowX


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Zodiac Dragons 2014 by Christina Yen - Part 2 of 2 (see also Part 1)

You can buy the whole calendar here: 2014 Zodiac Dragons Fantasy Calendar - Limited Edition


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Pokemon - Concept

by Tommaso Tagliabue (Mesozord) - Facebook

Suggested Game: Pokemon X


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Creature Art at the turn of the 19th century.

And the best part is that all of this is Public Domain.


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#50 by sidwill-cg


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Apollo vs Cthulhu by DougSirois


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Another amazing fantasy calendar for 2014:

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2014 Calendar


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The Creatures of The Croods

Picture: Fan Art - The Croods by Hoàng Thanh Huy

iamwhatiamme asked me if I had any thoughts about the creatures in The Croods. I promised a post about it and… well… here it is.

The Croods is a Dreamworks animation in an imaginary pre-historic setting. I am not commenting much about the film, I will just talk about the animal characters.

The sabre-tooth-like animal in the above amazing fan art is called a Macawnivore and, as the great majority of the animals in the film, it’s a a mixture of two other different animals. In this case, a macaw and a sabre tooth tiger. The other self-explaining combinations are the piranhakeet, the girelephant, the crocopup, the fishcat, the bear owl and the even more bizarre (cute for some…) bear pear.

You can see many of other characters in the official website:

The Croods - Official Website

Just follow the link to the Croodaceous Era. There is also a more complete wiki site with a list of Croodaceous Creatures.

The graphic design is really beautiful and well done, but I must say that this is not the first time I see this kind of idea.

To be fair, mixing two different animals or creatures is a time-honoured technique of creature development. Probably the most common. The Greek chimera is the most well-known example and lends its name even for the modern genetic hybrids of different living beings. The Chinese dragon is another interesting example. Although it is a dragon, it is formed by pieces of different animals too.

But such an explicit combination has been done before in the TV. For those who are old enough, you might remember Disney’s The Wuzzles

I am not sure how much inspiration for the animals on The Croods comes from The Wuzzles, but that surely would invite at least one fan-art story explaining that the Wuzzles are the present evolution (not in the Pokemon sense…) of the creatures from the Croodaceos.

If you want to check by yourself, you can buy the movie here: The Croods.

If anyone knows some bad-ass fan art based on The Croods, like the one here, let me know. It deserves a photoset. 


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