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Starveil Characters by Dave Rapoza


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Kate Pfeilschiefter [site | dA]


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Major Motoko Kusanagi by Jarred Everson 


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Who You Are by anndr


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Argos by Carolina-Eade


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Monique Ligons’ Biblical Insectarium


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Jeff Soto

Check out his artbook on Amazon: Storm Clouds by Jeff Soto


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Organicmech by Davesrightmind


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Goliath by uncannyknack


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Almirante Drake advanced by neisbeis


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Featured Artist #9: Chris Newman aka SYRS

The mixed sci-fi/fantasy art of the artist Chris Newman has a style that makes it different from all others. The glassy quality of the strokes enhances the contrast between tones. It is difficult to take the eyes off of the amazing, sometimes startling colourful, sometimes elegantly monochromatic, pictures. The prints can be bought through his deviantART website.  

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Reaper by ramsesmelendeze


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Untitled-1111 by hoooook


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